A Clear waterproofing & protective sealer for unreachable areas


ASCOGLAZE is specially formulated as a clear waterproofing sealer which is ideal for use on exterior, vertical and horizontal surfaces. This fast drying sealer has excellent adhesion and durability that resists peeling. ASCOGLAZE is in milky white, when applied it turns to transparent which is easy, sturdy and with excellent waterproofing quality. It is typically applied over concrete surfaces but may also be applied to pavers, china mosaics, stucco, masonry and natural stone – provided the surface is properly prepared.

Recommended Applications

  • Pool Decks

  • Over stained concrete

  • Architectural toppings

  • Concrete floors

  • Block walls

  • China Mosaic

  • Natural Stone

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Two part, high performance damp-proof epoxy coating


A two-component epoxy coating formulated from high-grade epoxy resins and curing agents especially for tank linings in contact with water, food or beverages. It is solvent free and non-toxic when fully cured. It has an advantage of dilution with water for applications on concrete or cementitious surface


  • Dilutable with water thus high in coverage

  • Reduces water permeability

  • Suitable for properly prepared concrete substrates

  • Specifically formulated for potable water applications

  • Doesn't require curing

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