Liquid applied Rust Converting Primer


ASCOPRIME RUSTCON is liquid applied coating that reacts and converts rust to a stable black protective coating that serves as an excellent primer and rust neutralizer. It is recommended for use on rusted or partially rusted steel bars or surfaces as a rust converter. The cured coating is impermeable, tough and durable, preventing further corrosion.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Preserves and protects steel objects

  • No chlorinated solvents

  • Water-based

  • No need for sandblasting

  • The cured coating is an excellent anti-corrosion barrier

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An ultra-rapid setting hydraulic cement compound


ASCOPLUG is an ultra-rapid setting water-resistant hydraulic cement repair compound. It is used for concrete repairs to active water leaks, hydrostatic pressure water leaks, and underwater concret repairs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • High strength & controlled expansion 

  • Non-shrinking, non-metallic and non-corrosive 

  • Stops running water or leakages 

  • Can be applied underwater

  • Non-toxic and chloride free

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Single component Non-Shrink White Crack Filler


ASCOFILL is a specially modified single component ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, high strength, non-shrink crack filling powder for repairing of plaster, concrete cracks. ASCOFILL is based on a blend of white cement, polymers and graded aggregates, to provide a crack filler with good handling characteristics.

Recommended Applications

  • Recommended for crack repairs to all masonry, concrete, stucco cement rendering or other exterior surfaces

  • It can also be used for repairing brickwork, corners and surfaces

  • For filling small holes, imperfections and suitably primed cracks 

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Economic, High Strength Concrete Repair Mortar


ASCOREPAIR CRM is a high strength, shrinkage compensated concrete repair mortar. ASCOREPAIR CRM is a fine-grained one component mortar to smooth out concrete and reinforced concrete, to fill cracks/voids and repair damaged substrates. The range of application is from 5mm to 50mm. ASCOREPAIR CRM provides strong adhesion with many substrates and may be applied both on vertical and horizontal surfaces inside and outside the buildings.

Key Features & Benefits

  • High build repairs achievable in a single application 

  • Low shrinkage 

  • Reinforced with glass fibers

  • High compressive strength

  • Internal or external applications

  • Easy to use- simply add water and mix

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High Build, High Strength Polymer Modified, Fiber Reinforced, Thixotropic Structural Repair Mortar


ASCOREPAIR RTM is a high build, high strength, fiber reinforced, thixotropic shrinkage compensated structural repair mortar. ASCOREPAIR RTM is specially engineered for the restoration of spelled and damaged vertical, horizontal and overhead concrete where formwork cannot be utilized. ASCOREPAIR RTM has high, ultimate compressive strength and high abrasion resistance.

Recommended Applications

  • Repair of concrete damaged by reinforcement corrosion or damage

  • High build repairs for vertical, overhead and horizontal repairs

  • Repairs requiring high compressive strength 

  • Repairing damaged concrete panels where structural strength is required 

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Rapid Hardening High Build Cementitious Mortar


ASCOREPAIR RAPID incorporates high grade cement systems and advanced polymer additives to form a cementitious mortar which is chloride and sulphate resistant. ASCOREPAIR RAPID provides rapid setting times and high chemical resistance which ensures repairs can be undertaken within tidal zones and other applications requiring fast return to service.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Rapid strength gain 

  • Suitable for early submersion 

  • Chloride and sulphate resistant 

  • Dual shrinkage compensated 

  • Easy to use- simply add water and mix

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High Strength, Deep Pour Structural Micro Concrete


ASCOCRETE MC 60 is a pre-mixed of advance cement, specially graded aggregates and special polymers to give a high strength, free flowing, structural micro-concrete suitable for large volume grout or repair applications to concrete. ASCOCRETE MC 60 is a non-metallic, incorporated additives, free from chlorides and is dual shrinkage compensated to completely fill voids from 10 – 120 mm in a single layer, ensuring the transfer of loads whilst developing excellent compressive strength.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Dual shrinkage compensated allowing for long term dimensional stability 

  • Flowable structural repair concrete for large volume repairs 

  • High ultimate strength

  • Low permeability inhibits the ingress of chlorides and carbon dioxide 

  • Excellent bond strength

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Epoxy Based High strength Concrete Repair Putty


ASCOPOXY PUTTY is epoxy based two component high strength, thixotropic repair mortar. ASCOPOXY PUTTY is designed for the restoration of damaged concrete and floor. ASCOPOXY PUTTY has high ultimate compressive strength, flexural and tensile strength. 

Recommended Applications

  • Repair of concrete damaged by rust or corrosion or sea water exposure.

  • Repair of spelled column, beam, slab, pillar etc. caused by corrosion of steel.

  • High build repair (10 mm to 70 mm) for vertical, overhead and horizontal applications.

  • Repair requiring high ultimate compressive, tensile and flexural properties.

  • Repair of damaged concrete floor and panels where structural strength is required.

  • This is very useful for filling the gaps in between tiles, marbles, granite and slates. In other words, this product can also be used as an Epoxy Tile Grout.

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Ascofill ES

Multipurpose Acrylic Caulking Compound And Crack Filling Paste


ASCOFILL ES is a single-component special acrylic latex-based multi-purpose ready-to-use acrylic caulking compound that provides excellent high bonding on plastered substrates. It is developed for filling cracks and dents and also finishing plastered wall or similar interior surfaces. ASCOFILL ES is paintable with both latex and oil-based paints and it has exceptional whiteness and smoothness.

Recommended Applications

  • Bonding between plaster substrate and window frame

  • Caulking compound for concrete and door frame

  • Filling for holes and gaps before painting

  • Molding and trim

  • Sealing of pipes

  • Crack repairing - plaster & concrete

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