Modified Acrylic Primer and Penetrating Sealer


ASCOPRIME is an advanced acrylic primer  having excellent adhesion and sealing qualities for exterior use on new or previously painted surfaces. It seals the non-porous surfaces and improves the bond of the exterior coatings or paints to the substrates.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Seals porous surfaces  and makes it waterproof 

  • Excellent adhesion 

  • Fast drying 

  • Can be used on internal or external surfaces 

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Advanced technology acrylic terpolymer latex primer.


ASCOPRIME ULTRA is an advanced acrylic dispersion polymer based sealer coat having excellent adhesion and sealing qualities for exterior & interior use an new concrete, RCC, mortar or previously painted surfaces.

Recommended Application

  • Seals porous surfaces and makes it waterproof

  • Excellent adhesion on RCC, mortar and screed

  • Quick drying

  • Recommended for internal or external surfaces

  • Stops efflorescence and leaching of the concrete

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Heavy Duty 2-Part Filterized Epoxy Primer & Sealer For The Pre-treatment of The Tank Liner Coat


ASCOPRIME EP TL 100 is a two-component low VOC, epoxy primer designed for maximum adhesion & corrosion resistance to properly prepared substrates.

It can be used as a primer as a part of a complete system in an atmospheric and also immersed environment. It is suitable for properly prepared carbon steel stainless steel, concrete, and galvanized steel.


  • Special Primer: New & old surfaces of the water tank

  • Residential and commercial water tanks

  • Concrete, stucco, masonry, screed, plaster surfaces

  • New & old concrete

  • Glazed tiles, metals, etc.

  • Food grade epoxy coatings

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