Pre-mixed, self-curing & non-shrink block jointing mortar


ASCOFIX BJM is a pre-mixed, self-curing and non-shrink thin jointing mortar for AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks or equivalent. ASCOFIX BJM is a specially engineered jointing mortar with an ideal mix of OPC, graded aggregates, polymers and chemical additives. 

Key Features

  • Self-curing and Economic

  • Excellent adhesion with Good workability

  • Suitable for all types of blocks

  • Consistent quality

  • For external & internal use

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Specially Developed High Bond Thin Bed Motor For Fixing Of Blocks


ASCOFIX TBM is Thin Bed Block Jointing Mortar is a pre-mixed high quality mortar for AAC (Autoclaved Aerated) blocks or equivalent. ASCOFIX TBM semi premix consists of cement, graded sand and specialised polymers which combine to give superior strength, water retention and stability.

Key Features

  • Semi premix with Self-curing properties

  • Slow initial setting mortar

  • High coverage in comparison to conventional mortar

  • Technical assistance provided

  • Consists of non-hazardous materials

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