A clear protective sealer for back coat


ASCOSEAL BK 30 is specially formulated for penetrating sealer designed to resist staining caused by water soluble minerals which can be absorbed through the back and sides of porous stone or tile during installation or grouting. It allows water vapour transmission. ASCOSEAL BK 30 penetrates below the surface without altering the natural appearance of the substrate.

Recommended Applications

  • Natural Stone 

  • Granite, Marble etc. 

  • Concrete, Pavers, Bricks etc. 

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Two Part, Food Grade, Hygienic and High Performance Epoxy Tank Lining


ASCOPOXY TL 100 is a two-component epoxy coating formulated from high-grade epoxy resins & modified polyamide curing agents especially for tank linings in contact with food, edible oils, water or alcoholic beverages containing up to 12 % alcohol by volume. It is lead-free, food-grade & non-toxic when fully cured.


  • Two parts thus very easy to apply and clean

  • Hygienic, dust-free, low odour and low VOC

  • Suitable for properly prepared steel, composites and concrete substrates

  • Heavy duty & high-performance coating

  • Solvent-free System and uniform in colour

  • Specifically formulated for potable water applications

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Highly modified latex admix for tile adhesives, grouts & dry mix mortars


FIXOBOND AD is prepared with its unique blend of latex, additives and selected ingredients offers the ultimate in bond strength and flexibility for the most demanding installation requirements for large format tile or stones to most difficult to bond substrates. It is also recommended to make cement slurry, cement screed, cement plasters and thick mortar beds to get very high mechanical property and improved physical characteristics of the bed.

Recommended Applications

  • Installation of vitrified tiles or stones on most difficult surfaces

  • Installation of ceramic tile, brick, natural stone, porcelain tile on Plywood and a variety of other substrates

  • Installation of tile/stone on selected grade plywood

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Back Tile/Stone Primer for Demanding Tiling Application on Challenging Substrates


FIXOPRIME BT is a high performance, single-component ready to use acrylic ester based back tile primer recommended for highly vitrified tiles It is an excellent adhesion promoter for low porosity non absorbing latest vitrifie tiles and gypsum or ply board.


  • Highly Vitrified Tiles

  • Artificial Marble

  • Wooden Tiles

  • Non-Porous Tiles & Stones

  • Flexible Tiles

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