Aerated Autoclaved Block for Masonry


AAC Blocks/ Fly Ash Blocks consist of around 80% air, this aerated material is processed through autoclaving which entails high pressurised curing of aerated materials formed in cellular shapes, which are known as AAC elements.

Key Features

  • Cost & Time Saving

  • Fire, Pest & Earthquake Resistant

  • Energy Efficient

  • Minimum Wastage & Water Saver

  • Sound Insulation

  • Minimum Storage & Easy Application

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Pre-mixed, self-curing & non-shrink block jointing mortar


ASCOFIX BJM is a pre-mixed, self-curing and non-shrink thin jointing mortar for AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks or equivalent. ASCOFIX BJM is a specially engineered jointing mortar with an ideal mix of OPC, graded aggregates, polymers and chemical additives. 

Key Features

  • Self-curing and Economic

  • Excellent adhesion with Good workability

  • Suitable for all types of blocks

  • Consistent quality

  • For external & internal use

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Bonding Agent For Plastering and Tilting


ASCOPLAST BOND is a polymer based, exterior/interior grade bonding agent designed to be applied over properly prepared substrates prior to application of new plaster and portland cement based mixes. When properly applied, ASCOPLAST BOND helps bond plaster and cement based mixes to a variety of structurally sound substrates.

Recommended Applications

  • Applied over Masonry, Concrete, Drywall, Pre-cast Concrete

  • For bonding between Plastering/Tiling over concrete surface

  • Applied over Brick, Block, & Stone

  • Wood & Other structurally sound substrates

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Ploymer Modified,Ready Mix Mortar For AAC blocks or many other substrates


ASCOLITE Ready Mix Mortar is a premixed cement based solution to substitute for the traditional site mix wall plaster. Only water has to be added with premix before plastering. The solution consists of processed sand which is dried, graded & distributed as per particle size and proportionately mixed with cement and water soluble polymers which act as additives. Also available with PP /glass Construction Fiber for higher strength, Crack Resistance and durability.

Recommended Applications

  • Aluminium Framework RCC Walls

  • Stone Walls

  • Fly Ash and Clay Brick Walls

  • As Ceiling Plaster

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Highly Polymer Modified Prime Wall Putty for Exterior Surface


ASCOPUTTY is a highly polymer modified, self-curing and efflorescence resistant white cement based wall putty. It produces smooth and consistent paste when mixed with water. It resists efflorescence in Plastered walls. Being water resistant it can be used externally on Concrete/Cement plastered walls and Ceilings

Recommended Applications

  • Interior & Exterior surfaces

  • Plastered wall

  • Ceiling

  • Mivan wall

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Specially Developed High Bond Thin Bed Motor For Fixing Of Blocks


ASCOFIX TBM is Thin Bed Block Jointing Mortar is a pre-mixed high quality mortar for AAC (Autoclaved Aerated) blocks or equivalent. ASCOFIX TBM semi premix consists of cement, graded sand and specialised polymers which combine to give superior strength, water retention and stability.

Key Features

  • Semi premix with Self-curing properties

  • Slow initial setting mortar

  • High coverage in comparison to conventional mortar

  • Technical assistance provided

  • Consists of non-hazardous materials

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Gyplast Plus

Specially Designed ultra White Gypsum Plaster for internal wall & ceilings


Specially developed Brilliant white, high yield gypsum plaster for all types of Wall and Ceiling substrates. It provides durable, smooth and aesthetic finish and is an ideal base for Painting or Wall paper application.

Recommended Applications

  • Fly Ash Blocks (Aerated Autoclaved)

  • Concrete Blocks Walls

  • RCC Walls

  • Clay Brick Walls



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Bonding Agent for Chemical & Mechanical key with Gypsum and RCC Substrates


Ascolite Gypbond is a light green coloured liquid, ready to use, the high build bonding agent for adhering Gypsum plaster to a variety of surfaces. Ascolite Gypbond enables a mechanical key & chemical bond to Gypsum ensuring excellent grip with the substrate.

Recommended Applications

  • Suitable for interior or exterior.

  • Use to bond a variety of RCC, AAC Block’s wall and gypsum materials like new concrete, mortar, stucco, plaster, dry wall and gypsum board etc.

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Highly Modified Coarse Plaster Putty for Interior and Exterior Surface


ASCOPUTTY CS is a highly polymer modified, self-curing & efflorescence resists white/grey cement based coarse wall putty. ASCOPUTTY CS cover up the coarseness, undulations, imperfection, minor crevices and pinholes on the plastered surface. ASCOPUTTY CS has an excellent adhesion strength and durability.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Resists efflorescence with excellent workability

  • Easy to use and apply

  • Excellent resistance of water

  • Can be directly applied over damp concrete or fresh plaster

  • Can be applied on interior and exterior surface

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Polymer Modified, Ready Mix Mortar For AAC blocks or many other substrates


ASCOLITE Ready Mix Mortar (FR) is a premixed cement-based solution enriched with PP/glass fibre to substitute for traditional site mix, wall plaster. Water has to be added with premix before plastering. The solution consists of processed sand which is dried, graded & distributed as per particle size and proportionately mixed with cement and water-soluble polymers which act as additives. RMP (FR) with PP/glass construction fibre is suitable for higher strength, crack resistance and durability.

Recommended Applications

  • Fly-ash blocks

  • Aluminium framework RCC wall.

  • Fly-ash brick walls

  • Clay brick walls

  • Stone walls

  • As ceiling plaster

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