Integral Liquid Waterproofer For concrete motar & renders


ASCOPROOF IW+ an Integral Liquid Water proofer is a liquid additive that provides long term protection from water damage to mortar, concrete, renders and screeds by dramatically reducing water permeability.

Recommended Applications

  • Underground tank, Basements, etc.

  • Render, Screeds, Mortar(Plasters)

  • Terrace, Swimming pool, Water tank, Tunnel, Canal, Slopping roof areas etc.

  • External plastering work in Residential & Industrial structures

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2 - Part, Cement-Based Brushable Waterproofing Coating


ASCOCRETE II is a two part acrylic modified Cementitious coating, mixed at site for easy application. It dries to a tough flexible layer of modified cement with an excellent waterproofing properties.


  • Three or more layer's application

  • Crack-bridging ability & good adhesion on cement surfaces

  • Protects from the corrosive effects of humidity

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A Clear waterproofing & protective sealer for unreachable areas


ASCOGLAZE is specially formulated as a clear waterproofing sealer which is ideal for use on exterior, vertical and horizontal surfaces. This fast drying sealer has excellent adhesion and durability that resists peeling. ASCOGLAZE is in milky white, when applied it turns to transparent which is easy, sturdy and with excellent waterproofing quality. It is typically applied over concrete surfaces but may also be applied to pavers, china mosaics, stucco, masonry and natural stone – provided the surface is properly prepared.

Recommended Applications

  • Pool Decks

  • Over stained concrete

  • Architectural toppings

  • Concrete floors

  • Block walls

  • China Mosaic

  • Natural Stone

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Two part, high performance damp-proof epoxy coating


A two-component epoxy coating formulated from high-grade epoxy resins and curing agents especially for tank linings in contact with water, food or beverages. It is solvent free and non-toxic when fully cured. It has an advantage of dilution with water for applications on concrete or cementitious surface


  • Dilutable with water thus high in coverage

  • Reduces water permeability

  • Suitable for properly prepared concrete substrates

  • Specifically formulated for potable water applications

  • Doesn't require curing

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Alkali resistant, durable multi purpose glass woven fabric roll


ASCOGLASS FIBER ROLL is highly Durable, Flexible, Alkali Resistant & it is made with an ideal engineering glass woven fabric then coated by acrylic acid copolymer liquid. ASCOGLASS FIBER ROLL has excellent properties including high water resistance, flexibility, softness, resistance to aging and attack from breakdown. It is widely used for waterproofing in roofing applications, reinforcement for natural marble, plasterboard, and Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS).


  • Easy to install, especially for large & uneven surface areas

  • Highly flexible, light and easy to transport

  • Durable and reliable: Resistant to chemical agents

  • Free from corrosion and unaffected by alkali

  • Easy and safe to use

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Modified Acrylic Primer and Penetrating Sealer


ASCOPRIME is an advanced acrylic primer  having excellent adhesion and sealing qualities for exterior use on new or previously painted surfaces. It seals the non-porous surfaces and improves the bond of the exterior coatings or paints to the substrates.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Seals porous surfaces  and makes it waterproof 

  • Excellent adhesion 

  • Fast drying 

  • Can be used on internal or external surfaces 

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All Purpose Latex Waterproofing Additive & Multipurpose Adhesion Enhancer


ASCOBOND is a single component styrene butadiene copolymer synthetic latex polymer, which provides excellent high bonding and penetrating properties into concrete & masonry surfaces. ASCOBOND improves the chemical and water resistance of Cementitious mixes and can also be used as a waterproofing additive for cement based products to enhance adhesion, water resistance and compressive strength.

Recommended Applications

  • For high strength screeds and renders 

  • Concrete, Mortar setting beds etc. 

  • Waterproof Tanking (Cellars, Swimming Pools and Ponds) 

  • Gypsum plaster & Gypsum drywall fibre panel 

  • Repairs to precast structural members 

  • Masonry, Stucco, Grouting etc. 

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SBR Latex based Bonding Agent and Waterproofing Additive


ASCOBOND 450 is Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex designed to improve the waterproofing, bonding, physical properties & integrity of Cementitious mortars, screeds and concretes. ASCOBOND 450 also act as a bonding agent / sealer to concrete, plaster or other porous substrates. ASCOBOND 450 improves durability, compressive, tensile and flexural properties of modified mixes. 


  • Highly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications

  • Enhances the flexural and tensile strength of the mortar & renders

  • Greatly improves adhesion to the substrate

  • Waterproofing cementitious systems

  • Reduces shrinkage cracking

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The Cementitious Flexible and Waterproofing Elastomeric Membrane


ASCOFLEX II is  2-part, UV Resistant Cementitious waterproof coating. It consists of selected a cement based polymer modified powder (component A) and  special acrylic co polymer emulsion (component B).


  • Three or more layers coating. 

  • Excellent adhesion with cementitious substrates.   

  • High elongation and crack-bridging ability.

  • High resistance to water penetration and protects from humidity & dampness.

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Two Part, Food Grade, Hygienic and High Performance Epoxy Tank Lining


ASCOPOXY TL 100 is a two-component epoxy coating formulated from high-grade epoxy resins & modified polyamide curing agents especially for tank linings in contact with food, edible oils, water or alcoholic beverages containing up to 12 % alcohol by volume. It is lead-free, food-grade & non-toxic when fully cured.


  • Two parts thus very easy to apply and clean

  • Hygienic, dust-free, low odour and low VOC

  • Suitable for properly prepared steel, composites and concrete substrates

  • Heavy duty & high-performance coating

  • Solvent-free System and uniform in colour

  • Specifically formulated for potable water applications

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Hybrid Polyurethane Based Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane


ASCOSHIELD PU+ is specially formulated with PU hybrid polymers, additives and microfibres. It is a cold applied highly elastic liquid membrane with high crack bridging & long-lasting waterproofing properties. When ASCOSHIELD PU+ is applied on the substrate it forms a permanently elastic, hydrophobic, 100 % waterproofing and seamless membrane without any crack or leak possibility.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion on various types of substrates

  • Cost-effective and excellent durability

  • Excellent anti-carbonation properties

  • Crack bridging, UV light resistance and weather stability  

  • Resists positive hydrostatic pressure 

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Multipurpose acrylic bonding agent and additive


ASCOBOND AR is an acrylic latex liquid bonding agent with plaster, cement screeds and renderings to various types of surfaces. It is an acrylic modified cementitious flexible coating system. It can also be used to strengthen the various rendering mixes. When mixed with a cement/sand or aggregate combination, ASCOBOND AR becomes an effective patching and topping mortar.

Best Multipurpose acrylic bonding agent and additive provider in Surat

Recommended Application

  • Excellent bonding agent.

  • Minimizes cracks in concrete, stucco and plaster when used as an admixture.

  • Eliminates the need for separate air-entraining agents

  • Greatly improves adhesion to the substrate.

  • Cement-based coatings and Waterproofing Cementitious systems

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Highly Acrylic Polymer Modified Elastomeric Roofing Membrane


ASCOGUARD PRIME is an Industrial grade Permanent Elastomeric Coating Membrane which is used as a unique waterproof membrane and thermal barrier. ASCOGUARD PRIME is an acrylic based, brush/roller applied liquid, which cures to form a seamless rubber membrane specially designed to seal the entire roofs, walls and floors. ASCOGUARD PRIME is a qualified reflective product that will help to reduce building temperatures. ASCOGUARD PRIME offers high tensile strength and elongation, and is virtually undamaged by extended exposure to solar ultraviolet energy.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Can be applied on interior & exterior areas

  • High Stability and dual bonding strength

  • Resistance against foot traffic

  • High tensile strength, non-toxic & UV resistant

  • Water-based for superior protection and easy application

  • Excellent Flexibility & Elastomeric Properties

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Elastomeric Liquid applied damp proofing membrane


ASCOFLEX SUPER is a thin, load bearing membrane composed of a modified synthetic elastomeric copolymer with excellent elongation properties and high strength. ASCOFLEX SUPER crack bridging membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing. The product has a dark bluish color but will turn into a black membrane when drying with anti-roots properties.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion and easy to use

  • Highly flexible with anti-root properties

  • Crack bridging

  • Can be applied to the interior and exterior surface

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Acrylic Bonding Agent and Waterproofing Adhesiv


ASCOBOND AR 470 is an extremely versatile liquid bonding agent with use for cement mortar patching and resurfacing. It increases the compressive, tensile and flexural strengths of mortars and reduces the water/ cement ratio.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Improves the flexural strength, bond strength and impact resistance of mortars and concrete.

  • Minimizes cracks in concrete, stucco and plaster when used as an admixture.

  • Highly versatile & can be used easily for a variety of applications.

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Highly Polyurethane Based Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane


ASCOSHIELD PU is a specially formulated coal tar which is free water based polyurethane dispersion & having an excellent crack bridging properties, with a long-lasting water-proofing membrane on ambient curing. 

Recommended Application

  • Waterproofing of Basement Walls, Slope/Flat Roofs.

  • Waterproofing of Balconies and Terraces.

  • New and Existing Roofs & Commercial Box Gutters

  • Industrial/Farming Sheds/Storages

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Single-pack high performance elastomeric acrylic coating


ASCOGUARD is a liquid applied acrylic emulsion based elastomeric coating. It can be applied as a waterproofing membrane or as a crack bridging paint on walls. ASCOGUARD is formulated using proven elastomeric acrylic resin to provide long term durability and maximum protection for concrete and metal surfaces.


  • Adequate where effective waterproofing required

  • High elasticity and non-toxic

  • Excellent alkali, fungal & UV resistance

  • Dual bonding strength

  • Excellent performance on old, painted & new surfaces

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