ASCOFILL is a specially modified single component ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, high strength, non-shrink crack filling powder for repairing of plaster, concrete cracks. ASCOFILL is based on a blend of white cement, polymers and graded aggregates, to provide a crack filler with good handling characteristics.

Key Features & Benefits


Excellent adhesion with many substrates

Single component and needs only mixing with water

Easily applied on vertical and horizontal cracks


Application by Roller/Brush

Approximately 3.5 - 4.5 kg/ per coat.

Coverage Base

This coverage is based on application by roller/brush onto a smooth surface in optimum conditions.

Consumption Alteration

Factors like surface porosity, temperature and application method can alter consumption.

Shelf Life and Packaging

Shelf Life

12 months from the date of production if stored in original, unopened packaging and in places protected from moisture, sun exposure, and frost.


ASCOFILL is available in a 1 Kg Pouch, 5 Kg sealed Bag.