ASCOLITE Ready Mix Mortar is a premixed cement based solution to substitute for the traditional site mix wall plaster. Only water has to be added with premix before plastering. The solution consists of processed sand which is dried, graded & distributed as per particle size and proportionately mixed with cement and water soluble polymers which act as additives. Also available with PP /glass Construction Fiber for higher strength, Crack Resistance and durability. The application method requires mixing of water before application and the mix is ready for plastering. ASCOLITE Ready Mix Mortar can be used for both external and internal plastering.

Key Features & Benefits


High workability

Automised raw material mixing

Graded dry sand

Excellent adhesion

Reduce rebound



16 to 17 sq.ft / 40 Kg bag @ 10-12 mm thickness

Shelf Life and Packaging

Shelf Life

6 months from the date of production if stored in original, unopened packaging & in places protected from moisture, sun exposure, and frost.


Available in 40 Kg completely sealed bags.