ASCOREPAIR RAPID incorporates high grade cement systems and advanced polymer additives to form a cementitious mortar which is chloride and sulphate resistant. It is the ultimate high performance rapid setting repair mortar where engineers require a positive outcome in the most difficult application environments. ASCOREPAIR RAPID provides rapid setting times and high chemical resistance which ensures repairs can be undertaken within tidal zones and other applications requiring fast return to service.

Key Features & Benefits

High early strength

Suitable for early submersion

Chloride and sulphate resistant

Dual shrinkage compensated

Coverage Calculation

Approximately 1.5 m² @ 10 mm thickness 0.3 m² @ 50 mm thickness.

Shelf Life and Packaging

Shelf Life

6 months from the date of production if stored in original, unopened packaging and in places protected from moisture, sun exposure, and frost.


ASCOREPAIR RAPID is available in 30 Kg and 50 Kg sealed bags.