FIXOBOND PU is a highly modified, two-component polyurethane based high impact thin adhesive with high elasticity and no vertical slip. FIXOBOND PU is an excellent multi-purpose adhesive providing exceptional bond strength to a wide variety of substrates; concrete, glass, plastic, wood, metal, etc. This highly flexible adhesive also provides excellent peel strength.

Key Features & Benefits

Excellent adhesion & highly flexible

Excellent bonding with variety of substrates

Thixotropic, non-slump rheology

Suitable for external & internal use

Coverage Calculation

3 - 4 ft² / kg at 2-3 mm thickness per Kg

(Use 6mm x 6mm to 12mm x 12mm notches depending up on substrates and weight of tiles/ stone)

Shelf Life and Packaging

Shelf Life

12 months from the date of production if stored in original, unopened packaging and in places protected from moisture, sun exposure, and frost.


FIXOBOND PU is available in packages of 5 kg (Part-1: 4 Kg Resin & Part-2: 1 Kg Hardener) plastic bucket. The container of component 2 is built in the container of component 1.