Ascofine Grout is a highly polymer modified general purpose cementitious grout complying with requirements of Indian Standards. Ascofine Grout uses Portland cement as the primary binder and special additives to produce ultimate in color accuracy, stain protection & non-shrink characteristics through gas expansion for residential and commercial tile grouting. The formulation is chloride and iron free.

Key Features & Benefits

Low cost, multi-purpose grout

Non-staining, non-shrinking

Can achieve high early strength

Available in various colors


Application Formula

(L+B) x W x D x S.G. = Kg/m2 (L x B) L = Length of tile (mm) W = Width of tile (mm) B = Breadth of tile (mm) D = Depth of the tile (mm) S.G. = Specific Gravity

Coverage may vary

The coverage of the ASCOFINE GROUT will vary depending upon the texture, size and thickness of the tile and the width of the grout joint.

Application requirement

The application formula can be used when determining the amount of grout required for an application.

Shelf Life and Packaging


ASCOFINE GROUT is available in 1kg, 5 Kg sealed packs & 20 Kg sealed bag.

Shelf Life

12 months - unopened bags in dry weatherproof storage.